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Keep track of all the things you need to do in life, by placing this Windows gadget exactly where you want to on your desktop. Add an item by clicking on the list, and you’ll be able to set a time and a name for it. Do this enough times, and you’ll have a list of things to do. And hopefully, with ToDo List, you’ll never forget another important thing again! How to Install a Windows 7 or Windows Vista Gadget. Download the Windows gadget file. Microsoft used to catalog and host Windows gadgets but they Windows gadget files end in the .GADGET file extension and will open with the Desktop Gadgets application. All you have to do is double-click or...

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Double click on My To-Do List in the gadget list to create as many lists as you need. Adding tasks. Click in the "Add Task" field and write your new tasks. To add it to the list press ENTER or click the [+] button. Deleting tasks. Click on the X sign next to the task you want to delete. Editing tasks and the list title. Double click on a task to edit it. To edit the list title just double click on it.

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My To-Do List – excellente application pour ceux qui sont habitués toujours de tout enregistrer. Cest une sorte de rangement avec plusieurs options: vous pouvez importer des fichiers texte, des documents, de les exporter dans des fichiers texte, imprimer la liste des tâches et même de marquer des tâches comme terminées.

Depuis Windows Vista, ces gadgets sont incorporés au volet Windows (Sidebar), c’est à dire la barre verticale qui se trouve, par défaut à droite du fond d’écran. Dans l’avis de sécurité Microsoft 2719662 , Microsoft recommande de désactiver les gadgets. Windows 10 - Retrouvez les gadgets de Windows 7 sous ... Sous Windows 7, les gadgets étaient affichés dans un volet spécialisé appelé “Volet Windows” ou disposés librement sur le bureau. Plusieurs gadgets étaient disponibles de base et il était possible d’ajouter un ou plusieurs autres gadgets développés par des sociétés annexes. Download Gadget My To-Do List für Windows 7 & Windows 8 My To-Do List – die perfekte multifunktionale Anwendung für diejenigen, die ständig alles aufzeichnen. Dies ist eine Art Organizer mit einer Reihe von Optionen: Sie können Dateien importieren mit Text-Dokumente in Textdateien exportiert werden, drucken Sie eine Aufgabenliste und sogar markieren Sie Aufgaben als erledigt. 25 Free and Useful Windows Desktop Gadgets | Tom's Guide Free Windows Desktop Gadgets. Even though Microsoft withdrew official support for Gadgets on Windows 7, they're still a great way to always have useful information at hand.

Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. Do you love listening to Pandora but hate the fact that you have to leave your browser open? Countless times my favorite song has been playing only to be promptly interrupted when I accidently closed the wrong Firefox window. Gadgets - Restore Default Gadgets - Windows 7 Help Forums How to Restore the Default Windows 7 Gadgets. This will show you how to restore the desktop gadgets that come pre-installed with Windows 7. Windows 7 Gadgets: Top 50 - Download - CHIP Diese 50 Gadgets für Windows 7 erweitern den Funktionsrahmen um hilfreiche Tools wie eine Batterie-Anzeige, ein Autoshutdown-Tool und eine Ursprünglich sind die Gadgets zwar für Windows Vista gedacht. Da der Kern des Betriebssystems von Windows 7 aber auf dem Vorgänger basiert... Law's Sidebar Gadget Development Blog: Windows 7 + Gadgets

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To Do List Gadget - Microsoft Community I have downloaded the To-Do List Gadget and each time the mouse goes over an item, the item moves on top of another item. I tired the suggestion listed and the second step ... Using Google and Windows Vista Sidebar To-Do List Gadget | Nerd Grind Whether you're at the office, on the road, or at home, everyone can benefit from a to-do list. If you're using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, then you already My To-Do List Windows 10 Gadget - Win10Gadgets This windows gadget application can make it very easy for individuals who are planning to do a lot of things to place all of the items that they are going